2048 Directory

All of your favorite 2048 games in one place!

2048 - The Original

The one that started it all

2048 - 3D

Play in 3D on a 3x3x3 board

2048 - 4D

Play in 4D on a 2x2x2x2 board

2048 - AI

Why play when a computer can play for you?

2048 - Multiplayer

Battle competitors to see who's the ultimate 2048 player!

Custom 2048

Customize your 2048 experience

16384 Hex

Play on a hexagonal board




Collide particles to generate the Higgs Boson

Flappy 2048

Jump through the tiles and get to 2048!

Log. Flappy 2048

Flappy 2048 with logarithmic scoring

2048 Meta

A 2048 of 2048 Games

Pokemon 2048

Combine the Pokemon to get Mewtwo!

2048 Tetris

2048 with a Tetris twist

Doctor Who 2048

2048 with The Doctor

2048 - Hard

The computer will always place the tile in an annoying place.


Prevent the evil AI player from reaching the 2048 tile!


Divide until you reach the 1-tile!

2048 Corgis

2048 with Corgis

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